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25 Sheppard Avenue W., Suite 300
Toronto, ON M2N 6S6
Tel: (416) 921-7185
e-mail: info@canadatranslation.com

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Canada International Translation Service
Established in 1953

Certified translation of corporate, personal, legal and medical documents under notarial seal, as required by the various countries and foreign consulates in Canada.

Notarial documents are composed directly into the foreign languages required and in accordance with the standards and laws of the specified countries.



  • We believe in our clients' satisfaction
  • We accept full responsibility for our work
  • All clients' information is strictly confidential and treated with utmost respect
  • We translate whatever is said or written in one language into another language, using exact/equivalent meaning and structure
  • We do not claim any skills or qualifications that we do not possess, and will accept work in fields in which we are competent
  • We advise clients on any problems that may exist